Beginning The Car Detailing Process

Car Detailing Process

Obtaining car detailing services for your vehicle can’t be considered a difficult task. But, cleaners can cause harm to your vehicle, even while washing it, if you don’t use the right car detailing process. Even then, knowing what products and steps to take when cleaning your car is only half of the game.

To start off, if any of the fabrics you use to clean your cars, such as towels or mitts, are not microfiber, it is time to let them go. According to our auto detailing service, anything that will scratch and damage your car should belong in the trash bin. Keep in mind that we are trying to reinstall the car exterior’s beauty in the exterior car detailing process. Using a fabric that will leave loads of scratches on the car will not be helpful.

After you have been made a little wiser with that information, let’s move on to other essential things you need to do to ensure your car looks as good as new. Properly wash your car, and do it often.

Various pollutants such as road grime, pollen, mud, bird turds, bug guts, and sap will slowly absorb into your car’s clear coat if they hang around on the car for long periods.

 If you feel sluggish about getting in an exterior car detailing service done, it will only cause trouble for you in the future. So, clean your car at least once a week. There are six important rules to remember during car washing.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight When Washing The Car

Most detailing products tend to function very weakly when exposed to direct sunlight or when the surface is hot. Detergent and water dry faster due to the heat, leaving you with persistent water stains. Our car detailing in Vancouver makes sure to wash your car indoors or keep them away from sunlight when the car’s surface is cool during the car detailing process.

2. Prevent Cross-Contamination In The Car Detailing Process

If you use the same material in all steps of the car detailing process, cross-contamination will occur. Our Mobile Car Detailing experts recommend using the automobile (brushes, buckets, towels and water) for the automobile’s different areas or functions. This will prevent contaminants from moving to another from one side of the car. In this process, you will also avoid using a dirty microfiber mitt to polish a cleaner area of the car. This is most important when cleaning parts like lower rocker panels, bumpers, wheels and exhaust ports.

3. Two Buckets And A Beer Method

You mustn’t use the same cloth and discard the water repeatedly. Our auto detailing Vancouver suggests that using the two buckets and a beer method is just as important. Keep one bucket for clean water and another for soapy water. Then you will be able to keep the soapy water away from contaminants.

Car Detailing Procedure

4. Use The Top-Down Approach

The lower part of your vehicle is more likely to come into contact with filth. It is crucial that you don’t let this dirt spread all over the car during cleaning. But, it is not a bad decision to first clean the wheels and tires as long as you don’t use soap and a scrubber. Our Mobile car detailing service recommends for this is a reliable spray-on chemical that is appropriate for your wheel type. This will help the dirtiest part of your vehicle to get thoroughly cleaned. You can then wash your car from top to bottom and keep the tires and the wheels for the ending. Use different media to scrub these surfaces and stay clear from cross-contamination.

5. Lubrication Is Important

Car detailing always uses lubrication support whenever your vehicle has problems associated with friction. An auto detailing service will use lubrication to give something slippery to the paint and your vehicle’s clear coat to prevent blemishes.

5. The Proper Towels And Supplies

Like we said before, using towels made of traditional material is giving your vehicle its worst nightmare. Our Mobile Car Detailing professionals always suggest you make an effort to get the right type of washing mitt and plush microfiber materials to dry up and clean your vehicle. They will help you to avoid getting your car scratched during the car detailing process. It is also never bad to order a car shampoo with balanced pH. It is important to remember that dishwashing liquid is good for dishwashing. At our car detailing, we believe that your car deserves better. Don’t let the wrong washing liquid ruin your car’s beautiful coating.

Note for the geeks: Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver is not just about a shiny exterior. It is also about protection. Cleaning your car regularly is just one step in the process of keeping your car well. Exterior and interior car detailing is going to be necessary for even the most well-maintained vehicles to keep them in the best condition.

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    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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