10 Proven Car Detailing Secrets

Car Detailing Secrets

Vehicle maintenance is not something that should be done just for show. Rather, it is a smart way to ensure the durability of your vehicle while also preserving its original glamour. Unfortunately, most people think of it as a hassle. But what you need to know is that even if you do not have the time or skills to maintain your vehicle, you can easily reach out to a car detailing service to do the job for you. They might have proven car detailing secrets that you will never know. 

Car detailing is really not a difficult task and you yourself might be able to do it at home. After all, the internet itself is a treasure chest of information, and hence, you can learn so much just from it. You already might have most of the tools and equipment that are needed to carry out regular maintenance. 

So today, we thought of telling you about a few tips and tricks that can help you do a thorough detailing by yourself. Let us take a look.

Car Detailing Secrets - 1. Make Use Of Two Buckets When Washing

When it comes to washing your vehicle, using two buckets instead of one can make a huge difference. This is because you will be holding fresh water in one bucket and the clean detergent in the other. So whenever you refresh your mitts to wash the vehicle, you can first rinse it in the clean water and then soak it in your suds. But, if you use one bucket, you will just be reusing the dirty mixture on your vehicle.

Car Detailing Secrets - 2.Make Use Of Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre cloth has proven to be extremely effective and useful for vehicle detailing. This is because these cloths have lower friction and avoid scratching, resulting in them being ideal to wash vehicle bodies. 

However, there are few things you need to be aware of when using microfibre cloths. The first being that these cloths should NOT be washed with other ordinary linen as they can damage the cloth. Secondly, make sure that you have removed all tags and labels of the cloth before using them. Thirdly, you need to be considerate about the quality of the microfibre cloth you purchase.

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Car Detailing Secrets - 3. Start With Your Trim

This is something that you would not hear quite often. But it is important to make sure that you start your detailing by protecting your trim using a trim restorer or protector. By doing so, you will be able to protect your trim from other stains and polish that could otherwise damage it.

Car Detailing Secrets - 4. The Buffer Is To Apply The Product

Most people often misuse the buffer assuming that it is to remove the polish and wax from the vehicle body. But in reality, you should avoid doing so. This is because a buffer can leave marks on your body paint and hence, should not be used to remove the wax coating. Instead, use the buffer to apply the coating and use a towel to remove it.

Car Detailing Secrets - 5. Use Dual Action Polishers

Rather than spending separately on an orbital polisher and direct drive polisher, you can get the two-in-one dual action polisher for a tad higher price. If you are used to detailing, you can even purchase one with forced rotation and get the job done more efficiently and effectively.

Car Detailing Secrets - 6. Use Clay Bar Systems To Clean Surfaces

Clay bar systems have proven to be extremely effective when cleaning surfaces. This is why professional exterior detailers often recommend car detailers to make use of them after a wash, as they are optimal to remove anything stuck on your paint without damaging the paint itself.

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Car Detailing Secrets - 7. Examine The Body Paint Before Waxing

Once you have washed the vehicle body, you need to inspect the surface before applying any protective material over it. To do so, we recommend the use of grocery bags. This is because when you run your hands over the car body with the use of a grocery bag, you will feel any uneven surfaces on the body. And then, you can detail these areas once again to ensure perfection.As professionals always highlight, the headliner is a very vulnerable part of your vehicle as even the slightest pressure can dislodge it. Therefore, make sure that you keep the cleaning and wiping of your headliner to a minimum.

Car Detailing Secrets - 8. Optimize Your Drying Techniques

When drying your glass, make it a point to always wipe it both horizontally and vertically. Then, you will be able to dry the entire glass surface without missing any spots.

Car Detailing Secrets - 9. Start By Brushing The Surfaces

Before using any detergents or other chemicals, it is best to use a brush and wipe off the surfaces first. This is because it is easier to remove off most of the lodged dust and debris using a brush before involving any chemicals.

Car Detailing Secrets - 10. Static Electricity Can Make A Difference

By using a pair of gloves and rubbing them together to produce static current, you can extract most of the animal hair and fur that is stuck in your vehicle seats and carpets. Once this is done, you can easily remove this hair without any hassle.

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