Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Seat Belt

Clean Seat Belts

Keeping Your Seat Belt Squeaky Clean

Auto detailing in Vancouver is taken seriously, and cars are taken regularly for car detailing. However, most car cleaners end up cleaning cleaning cars not having clean seat belts. it is no surprise when you need to clean the seat belt or disinfect surfaces inside to help destroy the Covid-19 virus or any other microorganisms between scheduled Vancouver car detailing

The seat belt is one most important part of the interior but is quite commonly ignored when cleaning. The seat belt is constantly in touch with our hands and body. It is essential to clean seat belts and make them disinfected. 

It protects our lives throughout our journeys made in the car, so it is only right that we give the necessary attention to cleaning the seat belt. Firstly, we must pull the seat belt to its full length to clean it thoroughly. 

The Seatbelt will stiffen and stop moving once we have pulled the full length of it out. Holding on tightly is essential as it can retract hurriedly and cause injuries. 

Once the entire belt is out, you can clamp it close to the reel where it is attached to stop it from retracting. After securing the Seatbelt, we move on to the process of detailing.

Cleaning Seat Belts Safety

Taking Out The Regular Stains From Seatbelts

If regular stains need cleaning, using an all-purpose cleaning spray or reliable fabric cleaners is better. It is crucial that whatever we use to clean does not harm the Seatbelt or the interior of the car.

Cleaning with harsh materials like bleach or vinegar is unnecessary even as disinfectants for such strong chemicals are not needed to kill pathogens like the virus or bacteria

Use the cleaning solution to spray the Seatbelt with evenly applied coats. Use a brush with stiff bristles and a clean seat belt from the top, starting from near the reel to the bottom. 

To ensure the fabric is not damaged, avoid scrubbing it in circles. It is better to scrub gently while moving down the Seatbelt. 

Then use a microfiber towel to wipe the belt. Wrap the towel around and move down steadily, removing any moisture. The Seatbelt should be kept clamped till it is entirely dry.

Tackling The Hard Stains

Not all stains are easy to remove and need some strong cleaning materials to eliminate them. Not even stubborn stains need the likes of Bleach and Vinegar. Detergent mixed with water should be strong enough to remove the stubborn stains. 

This time without spraying the solutions, dip the stiff bristle brush in the detergent mixture in order to only get the amount of cleaning solution absolutely needed to cover the stain. Scrub the stain downward, but do not move the brush upward nor scrub circles around it.

Once the scrubbing is done, to remove as much moisture as possible, wrap a microfiber cloth around it and move downwards. Let the belt dry entirely before releasing it.

It is vital to protect your loved ones amidst the pandemic that is affecting everyone around the world. While you wait for a chance to get reliable interior car detailing done, these methods should keep the much-used seat belts squeaky clean and help keep the likes of Covid or any other odours. 

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