Why Should You Avoid Drive Through Car Washes

Drive Through Car Washes

If the need is for inexpensive car detailing in Vancouver, especially if it’s just to get the noticeable dirt off the car, it will be tempting to use drive through car washes. With the dangers of Covid-19, lingering drive-through car washes seem like the most convenient way for auto detailing in Vancouver.

However, the damage drive-through car washes can do to your car will cost you more than the time and money you wish to save. Since your car needs to be taken care of like your child, this article will help convince you why instead of drive through car washes, you should turn to mobile car detailing experts that provide no contact service to go with the times.

Drive-Through Car Washes: More Harm Than Care

Drive-through car washes use rotating brushes or curtains to clean the exterior of the car. This method can be far less effective than mobile car detailing, where all dirt and stains are completely cleaned off in the exterior and interior of your car. 

However, if the need is just to clean the exterior of your car, drive through car washes will do this exactly while causing significant damage to the body of your vehicle; later on, it will cost a lot to fix.

The friction caused by the equipment used to clean your car can wear down the clear coat of paint of your car and will cause chips and whorls in the paint job in the long run. It is also highly likely that debris from cars that have previously gone through the wash remains in the cleaning brushes and curtains. 

While your car is washed, the dirt and grime will be dragged across the surface at high-speed, causing scrapes and chips. While some of the damage to the exterior can be due to the regular wear to your car, the ones caused by a drive through car washes can cause unnecessary and extra damage to the exterior.

Drawbacks of Drivethrough Car Washes

Losing The Shine In The Long Run

The car will look clean from afar; the slight scratches and chips caused by the drive through car washes will cause expensive problems in the long run. This will make your car lose its shine and make it look old, causing the resale value to drop noticeably.

The paint job on a vehicle is not just to help be aesthetically pleasing. A paint job that is appropriately maintained along with the clear coat protects the exterior of the car from oxidation and corrosion.

 If the paint work is to be protected a repainting will have to be done for your car. This might be expensive but allowing the body of the car to rust can prove to be even more expensive.

Choosing Mobile Car Detailing Instead

If you are looking for a way to get car detailing in Vancouver done without creating a deep hole in your wallet, the best way is to call for Mobile car detailing. It makes taking care of your car affordable and convenient. 

Our car detailing provides professional exterior detailing by removing all the grime from the exterior, removing the whorls of the clear coat and repairing minor defects in the paintwork. It would be an added advantage for you to reach Mobile Car Detailing whenever and wherever you are.

Have A Clean Car and Protect Everyone

Presently, these decisions shouldn’t be just about what you want but how to protect your loved ones while getting what you want to be done. It shouldn’t be a choice whether to prioritize you and your loved one’s health or your car’s maintenance.

Our car detailing in Vancouver adheres to the necessary CDC sanitation guidelines and ensures a satisfying and safe no-contact service. This helps with preventing the spread of Covid while maintaining social distancing.

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