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The Exterior detail includes a list of services you will not get from an ordinary Vancouver car detailing company.

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This includes a range of services starting from cleaning, decontamination, and polishing; fused together to improve the appearance and quality of your vehicle’s exterior. If you want the job done right by a professional, you need to hire a reputed company like Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver.

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When it comes to Vancouver car detailing, there is an array of different services you can easily choose from. The most remarkable benefit you receive from Mobile Car Detailing Services is the thoroughness with which we do each detailing project. Exterior detail is the package offered if you are looking for an all-inclusive yet reasonably priced mobile auto detailing service.

With our unmatched care and quality methods, your car will receive a full makeover for an unbelievable car detailing price.

Exterior Car Wash Vancouver

Popular FAQs


No, we do not, we use the 1 rinse bucket method. We replace the second soapy bucket by spraying foam on the vehicle and then do a hand wash with quality mitts and rinse the microfiber mitts into the rinse bucket frequently.

Yes, we do, we have a fully equipped mobile unit that will come to your house, apartment or work location.

It depends on how you store and care for the vehicle. If left out in the sun mostly you could get around 2 months of protection, if stored in a garage you will get around 4 months of protection. And also, if you use dish soap or any acid-based soaps to wash the car it will strip the protective layer of wax off your paint quickly.

No, we do not, we carry our own water and electricity so your experience with Mobile Car Detailing could be seamless and effortless.

No, the wax will fill up and cover the scratches and give the illusion off as if they’re gone but once the wax stripes off the scratches will be visible again. Nonetheless, your paint will look much more appealing to the eye and will leave a warm shine to it


During a mobile Vancouver car detailing appointment, it is not just the safety of our employees that we take into consideration. The safety of you and your vehicle are equally important. This is why our auto detailing Vancouver always makes sure your vehicle receives a careful treatment and a thorough recheck upon completion.  Every tool and product we use are tested and proven to be safe and effective. This is why our exterior car detailing is the most sensible choice.


Exterior is a high-end mobile auto detailing service where you will receive everything you need and more in one package. However, the best thing of all will be the extraordinarily amazing team we have here at Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver. Our car detailing services are always so detailed and genuine. The team will not hesitate to speak to you about any issues they face during the exterior car detailing job. Communication is key to a great service, which is why we always pay attention to interpersonal skills as well as mobile auto detailing skills.

High Quality Exterior Car Cleaning

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Vancouver car detailing is the ultimate way of restoring your car to perfection. Instead of hiring a surface cleaning company, hiring car detailing services can be way more beneficial in the long run. A comprehensive exterior car detailing will help save money you will otherwise spend on expensive cleaning and polishing sessions. A Mobile auto detailing company like us will be an economic way to keep from spending too much on car detailing in the future.


Some companies charge an outrageous amount of cash for car detailing services. Mobile  Car Detailing Vancouver is capable of providing premium services for affordable prices. After our cleaning session, your car will be near showroom quality. Every cent you invest in our exterior car detailing will be worth it. We guarantee your satisfaction, and provide a service that will end up giving your vehicle a glossy finish.


If you are looking for the perfect car detailing services to hire, look no further than Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver. We are keen to serve every customer in the best possible way we can. Call us up if you are in need of an affordable yet exterior car detailing agency to get your vehicle cleaned, polished, waxed and decontaminated. Our diligent team of mobile auto detailing experts is ready to answer your questions and schedule a time slot as soon as possible. Contact Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver for a service like no other.

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