Odor Removal When Fleet Cleaning


As a fleet owner or car rental business owner, keeping your cars well-maintained, clean, and fresh-smelling is a top priority. However, with regular use, cars tend to accumulate different odors that could make driving uncomfortable. 

Such odors could range from cigarette smoke, sweat, spilled food, or anything else your passengers brings into the car. Luckily, there are professional ways to eliminate odours from your fleet of cars during fleet cleaning, and we have put together some tips and tricks to help you make your cars smell as good as new.

Eliminating Odors from Your Fleet of Cars During Fleet Cleaning

Remove any debris and dirt before cleaning

Before cleaning the car’s interior, eliminate any debris, wrappers, or garbage from the vehicle. This is important as debris may hold an odour, and if left unremoved, it may cause more bad smells once the vehicle is exposed to high temperatures.

Vacuum the interior

Vacuuming the car’s interior is one of the most essential steps to eliminate bad smells. Ensure to vacuum the seats, carpet, floors, and trunk thoroughly. Remember to dust off the dashboard, steering wheel, and air conditioning vents to remove any surface dirt or dust buildup that might hold the odour.

Use an odour eliminator

After vacuuming the car’s interior to remove surface dirt and debris, use an odour eliminator. An odour eliminator effectively neutralizes and eliminates odours without masking them. You can purchase an odour eliminator at any store selling automotive cleaning products or hire a professional fleet detailing service.

Deep clean the seats and carpets

After vacuuming and using an odour eliminator, consider deep cleaning your car’s seats and carpets. This may involve steam cleaning or using a shampoo specifically designed for car seats. Deep cleaning eliminates deep-seated odours that may be challenging to remove with surface cleaning only.

Dehumidify the car

High humidity in your car could cause your car to develop a musty odour. Use a dehumidifier or leave your vehicle in a sunlit area with open windows. This will allow the air to circulate and help eliminate any wet or moist environment that may harbour harmful odours.

Dehumidify the car​ When Fleet Cleaning

The Advantages of Fleet Cleaning Services

For owners of large fleets of vehicles, such as car rentals and transportation companies, maintaining a clean and polished image is crucial in attracting customers. 

One of the best ways to maintain that image is through fleet cleaning services. Fleet cleaning services in Vancouver can offer many benefits to businesses both visually and financially. We will discuss the benefits of fleet detailing services and how they can help enterprises to create a professional image.

Increased Resale Value

Fleet vehicles are constantly exposed to harsh environmental elements such as rain, mud, and sun. Over time, this can cause deterioration of the paint and interiors of the vehicles, consequently leading to a drop in resale value. 

Fleet cleaning services can help to maintain a good paint job by removing dirt, grime, and other substances that cause damage. It can also protect the leather seats from cracking and fading, increasing the vehicles’ resale value.

Improved Safety

Dirty and grimy windows can negatively affect visibility, which can lead to accidents on the road. Further, a dirty exterior can negatively impact the efficiency of lights and mirrors. The right fleet cleaning services can help to keep the glass and reflective surfaces clean, promoting better safety among drivers and passengers.

Enhanced Brand Image

Fleet cleaning services can help businesses maintain a professional and uniform image. With a clean and polished look, companies can create a positive perception in the minds of their customers, thus establishing a strong brand image. It is also an effective way to communicate that the business is trustworthy and cares about quality service.

Cost Savings

Regular auto detailing can prevent the need for more expensive services such as repainting or replacement of damaged interiors. Additionally, fleet cleaning services may offer discounts for regular customers or larger contracts, which can translate to cost savings in the long run.

Improved Employee Morale

A clean and well-maintained fleet can boost employee morale. Workers will take pride and care in driving clean vehicles, which will reflect positively on their performance.

The Best Car Detailing in Vancouver For Fleet Cleaning

Hire The Best Car Detailing in Vancouver For Fleet Cleaning Service

It’s easy to manage when it’s just your car that you have to deal with when it comes to maintenance. Even if you are busy, you can hire a mobile auto detailing company to take care of it.

Owning a business fleet is a different case. There is no way in the world you can commit 12 hours washing a dozen cars or more! 

Nonetheless, you must keep each vehicle clean and detailed. Maintaining the business fleets is crucial to image-building. Your client will be impressed by how you keep your cars, which will help convince them that you are passionate about what you do as a company/ entrepreneur.

How do you pull this off? Here are some of the best fleet cleaning tips out there.

Be it interior or exterior car detailing; you always need to ensure the job is done right. Concerning fleet detailing, it is extra important to be careful when deciding how to wash and clean the vehicles. You must find a way to afford to put the quality of your vehicles at stake. This is why a professional car detailing service is always better than a DIY.

Why Hire A Mobile Car Wash?

A business vehicle needs to be washed at least once every two weeks. A regular fleet cleaning routine must be maintained. Handling larger fleets through a professional car cleaning company is much easier.

A car wash in Vancouver is especially favoured over a regular one. You will not have to drive the vehicles to a garage because the mobile care detailing technicians will come to you. Highly experienced and well-loved auto detailing companies like Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver will offer this service, and they will bring their own equipment, power and water.

Choose A Less Busy Day

It can be a distraction and a disturbance for your business if a car detailing company suddenly decides to come over and clean the fleet. This is exactly why scheduling an appointment on a busy day of your business calendar can be a terrible idea. It will distract employees and make your clients rethink their choice of choosing your company!

Choose A Competent Fleet Detailer in Vancouver

Your exterior and interior fleet detailing company must be ready to commit to your company. It is the passion for car detailing that makes a good fleet detailer. The time and effort the detailing team puts into the job are what makes it really special, lasting and effective.

For instance, a company that disregards odour removal and only focuses on washing and wiping is not good. A fleet cleaning company that uses highly toxic chemicals on the interior is neither good.  A perfect balance between multiple fleet detailing elements like washing, odour removal, paint correction, decontamination and car seat shampooing is what makes a detailer remarkable.

Customize Your Fleet Cleaning Package

Only some have the same requests regarding business fleet cleaning services. Some vehicles need more regular cleaning than others, based on what you use them for and how often. Finding a fleet cleaning company ready to pay close attention to details is crucial. They are more likely to provide you with a better service.

To keep your clients hooked on the business for a long time, you will automatically have to keep your vehicle fleet properly maintained. This is why we encourage you to hire a professional fleet cleaning service.

Conclusion: Odor Removal Of Fleet Cars

Eliminating odours from your fleet of cars during cleaning is crucial to ensure your passengers’ comfort and satisfaction. By following the tips above, you can keep your cars smelling fresh and clean and ensure your customers will always enjoy their rides. 

If you encounter stubborn odours that cannot be removed using surface cleaning, consider hiring a professional car detailer to help you resolve the issue. With these tips, you’ll get your cars smelling like new in no time.

In summary, fleet cleaning services can bring numerous benefits to businesses. From improved safety to cost savings to a better brand image, investing in regular detailing is worth the effort and money. If you’re a fleet owner looking to maintain a professional appearance and create a positive impact on customers, consider getting fleet detailing services for your vehicles.

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