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If you are on the watch out for a professional car detailing near Burnaby, Mobile Car Detailing should be your next stop. We carry out full car detailing for vehicles of all brands, models, and sizes: hence, we have years of experience in delivering high-quality services to our clients. 

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Premium Car Detailing Service In Burnaby

Every vehicle owner knows the value of regular vehicle maintenance and how it helps preserve the original look and feel of a vehicle. This is why we have put together a range of premium BC car detailing services at amazing rates. These services have been devised and designed by a team of professionals, hence, they are guaranteed to make a true difference to your vehicle. 

What makes our car detailing services exquisite is their composition is that we offer affordable interior and exterior car detailing packages. We also provide comprehensive and full car detailing services that include car seat shampooing, body waxing, exterior detailing, vacuum cleaning, and fabric and paint protection. Our customers have the opportunity to customize these car detailing packages by choosing the add-ons like engine bay cleaning to get the best out of them.


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How Does Car Detailing Burnaby Differ From Car Washing?

Unlike when you go for a quick wash or service, car detailing includes a much deeper and thorough cleaning. For instance, a simple car wash might include a wipe down with soap water and might be over in less than half an hour. Whereas No 1 professional BC car detailer, we go the extra step to make sure that the vehicle undergoes a thorough cleanup from one end to another. This may even include vehicle body restoration or body waxing, but it depends on the condition of the vehicle and what the customer requires.

Why Opt For Mobile Car Detailing?

If you are looking to get an in-depth cleaning done for your vehicle, you should go ahead with car detailing. In general, Our Mobile Car Detailing consists of cleaning and restoring the exterior and interior of your vehicle to all its original glory. While this does not include painting or vehicle repairs, it does include minor patch-ups and cover-ups. Hence, contact our car detailing service, we will ensure the longevity of your vehicle, without a doubt.

Exterior Car Detailing In Burnaby

Our exterior detailing services aim to restore the vehicle’s outlook by carrying out a thorough cleaning of the vehicle body and restoring where needed. We use eco-friendly and non-acidic cleaning material and detergents to make sure that not even a minor scratch is made to the vehicle body during the cleaning process. This level of care that we put into the exterior car detailing procedure is also why we are the most trusted car detailing service provider in Burnaby. 

High-End Interior Car Detailing In Burnaby

Our interior car detailing service, also referred to as cabin detailing, includes a complete and thorough cleaning of the interior of the vehicle. To do so, our Burnaby interior detailing team will start by assessing the nature and condition of your vehicle’s interior. This is because different vehicles have different interiors such as plastic, synthetic fiber, teak bases, and even carpet upholsteries. Therefore, once they have the initial lay of the land, they will plan and decide the best way to tackle the interior car detailing for the best possible outcome.

Restore The Original Shine and Glamour

Benefits Of Car Detailing

Regular car detailing ensures that your vehicle’s condition is continuously maintained, thereby even succeeding in saving all its original shine and glamour. This will help raise the value of your car, especially if you are looking to sell it down the line. Because regular car detailing under an auto program will create a substantially better impression for anyone who is looking to purchase a second-hand vehicle. And this outcome from a car detailing Burnaby is not something that a daily car wash can achieve.

Why Choose Our Mobile Car Detailing In Burnaby BC?

At Affordable Rates

Burnaby Car Detailing Services

At our car detailing service, we aspire to promote a customer-first culture. Owing to this, we make sure that all of our services, may it be exterior or interior car detailing, are provided at extremely reasonable rates with no hidden charges. By doing so, we go the extra mile to assure that the best value for money is delivered to our customers. This is exactly why our car detailing in Burnaby is the most sought-after for all vehicle owners around the city.

Expert Car Detailing in Burnaby, BC

We are a car fleet cleaning company located in Burnaby, BC. Our team of certified and trained professionals has extensive experience in the vehicle detailing industry. Our main goal is to deliver high-quality results that satisfy our customers. Additionally, our detailing team is mobile and can come to you.

Our car detailing services include interior and exterior detailing, hand-washing, vacuum cleaning, paint protection, waxing, polishing and headlight restoration. Our priority is to offer top-quality services at an affordable price. Our car detailing services aim to preserve your vehicle’s appearance and keep it in great shape for a long time.

We understand that managing a fleet of vehicles can be difficult. However, we can help you by taking care of the details while you focus on your business. Our mobile car detailing services are designed to help you maintain your company’s image and reputation. Contact us now to find out more!

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