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Reliable Auto Maintenance Programs

Genuine Car Detailing Service

Trust, we believe, is the key to building a great relationship with our clients. Everything that is good about Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver is because of the customers who keep faith.

What exactly can a trustworthy mobile detailing company give you? Apart from the standard services expected from a car wash, there are many other extras that help provide a reliable experience. Thus, to enhance the quality of our car detailing services and to make them more accessible to you, we have introduced conveniently flexible maintenance programs. 

How often should I hire a detailing company?
How long can the results of detailing hold up?
How can I afford regular car maintenance?
Auto Maintenance Programs
Personalized Approach

Custom Maintenance Plans

These are some of the most common questions clients often ask. A personalized maintenance plan that addresses all these issues is the perfect way to go. A clear-cut auto maintenance programs offered by a registered detailing service will benefit you in several different ways.

Reduce extra expenses
Avoid the hassle of calling your car detailer every now and then
Keep track of your vehicle’s condition
Identify any malfunctions/ damages/ shortcomings of your vehicle before it is too late.
Enjoy benefits offered to regular customers.
It's Affordable When You Sign Up With Auto Maintenace Programs

Our Car Detailing Services For Auto Maintenance Programs

Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver offers basic and premium detailing packages as the foremost options to choose from.

The basic package covers a wide range of services, including wheel, tire and gas cap cleaning, washing and waxing, bug removal, window cleaning, tire dressing and much more.

The premium car detailing services involve deeper and more thorough cleaning with the added features of decontamination and clay bar paint.

Both packages are available for interior as well as exterior cleaning. Choosing to go with a package deal is a huge benefit financially, as you are being offered standard detailing services for discounted prices.

A Step Further

Package deals are pretty standard, you may say. Just let me tell you about the unique benefits offered by our Vancouver car detailing company.

The maintenance program you can find here is of the greatest convenience, as they are designed to suit your requirements.
The frequency of the maintenance program can be changed according to your preference.
You can mix and match the services you need most to get the best value for the money you are paying.
All of our maintenance programs are available for comfortably cheap car detailing prices.
Car Maintenance Program Vancouver
Special Features

Our Auto Maintenance Programs

Here’s a detailed guide to what we offer through the program:

How Often?

1. Weekly – This is ideal if you own a business fleet or work in an industry that requires your vehicle/s to be super clean every day.

2. Bi-weekly – Hiring us every second week will be a greatly possible option for many vehicle owners, as bi-weekly detailing is all it takes to keep your car looking and running perfect.

3. Monthly – It is no secret that you should at least detail your car once a month. It is advised to hire a premium package for the monthly and bi-monthly options, as there will be more to clean.

4. Bimonthly – The bimonthly option is available if it is adequate to clean your car only once every two months.

Before you decide which plan works best, it is better if you could talk to an expert about what might work, based on the circumstances.

Affordable Prices

How Much is Our Auto Maintenance Program?

The price is often the initial concern for most of us. With the special maintenance program offered by Mobile Car Detailing Vancouver, you need not to worry anymore about having to pay too much. Our pricing is competitive, sensible and very much within the manageable limit.

Here are some quick clarifications about the prices we offer:

Cheaper prices for weekly maintenance
The price point will be higher for less frequent maintenance programs such as monthly and bimonthly.
Special discounts for regular customers
Seasonal offers for regular customers
Flexible and budget-friendly programs

We Commit To Provide Better Maintenance

A maintenance program is a stable and secure deal between you and us, which ensures that your vehicle stays perfect, not just today, but for months and years to come. The regularity of the detailing plan alone will be enough to save your precious time and money. We never fail to show up on time and finish the assigned job perfectly, even when you are not there. All you have to do is sign up to our maintenance program. Everything else will be taken care of by our skilled car detailing team.

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