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Clean Engine Bay

Okay, there should be a reason why people flee at the thought of cleaning the engine of their vehicles! It is no secret that car interior detailing can be an ideal way to keep your car looking new and taken good care of.

But seeing a dirty engine under the shiny hood of a car doesn’t sound that pleasing either, does it?

That’s why engine detailing is important for car care and maintenance. It helps clean up the mess, ensures all essential parts are lubricated, and keeps your car running at its peak performance levels.

Engine detailing involves cleaning every nook and cranny under the hood. It includes removing dirt, dust, and oil from the engine parts. It also involves cleaning out the wiring, removing dirt from ventilation systems, and lubricating components like bearings and valves to ensure proper functioning.

Engine Bay Cleaning Vancouver
A Delicate Powerhouse

The Engine

Did you know that the engine bay is the filthiest part of your entire vehicle? It goes without saying that it is also the most important, so there’s no way you can just ignore it.

Debunk The Myths

Well, if you own a car, you might have had at least one mechanic that did not recommend engine bay detailing. But we are here to tell you nothing but the truth. Engine bay cleaning in no way causes any damage to the electric components of your vehicle. We guarantee that our car engine room cleaning will be a 100% risk-free process.

Why Should You Hire Engine Bay Detailing?

Car engine room detailing may not sound like a must to you now, but believe us, it has got unbelievable perks.

Improve the presentability of your car, especially if you wish to sell it
Makes it easier to track down the engine fluid leakages
Helps identify leakage issues before things get out of hand
A clean engine ensures a better driving experience, obviously!
Engine bay cleaning is a cost-effective way of improving the quality of your car
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A Pro In Engine Bay Cleaning

Dirt, grime and oil may cover the entirety of your engine body; but it’s never too late to hire an engine bay detailing service. Why is it necessary though? Let’s get started there.

Professional engine bay cleaning services know the right time to start cleaning after letting the engine cool off
You can get car engine room cleaning alongside other car interior detailing/exterior detailing services
Experts only use clean water, non-toxic cleaners, delicate brushes and safe degreasers for engine bay cleaning

Why Mobile Car Detailing?

Being a leader in car interior detailing already, Mobile Car Detailing in Vancouver is a company that offers engine bay detailing as one of its frontline services. There are many reasons why it would benefit you greatly to choose our agency for your engine bay detailing needs.

Experience in car interior detailing
Great customer support
Eco friendly cleaning methods
Cleaning Engine Bay in Vancouver
Engine Bay Cleaning Process

How Engine Bay Cleaning Is Done

To be perfectly honest, engine bay detailing is not rocket science, but there certainly are ways and methods of doing it properly and safely. These simple yet important steps are followed here to get a completely safe car engine room cleaning done.

How Mobile Car Detailing Does It

We let the engine sit for at least 30 minutes before starting to clean it because pouring cold water and degreasers on a hot engine might run the risk of metal and plastic contraption.
Our engine bay detailing professionals make sure they first remove the negative battery cable and wrap the alternator, battery and distributor with plastic in order to protect them from getting wet.
Before spraying engine cleaner, we cover the painted parts with wax for extra protection.
If there is extra-dirty grime that needs to be gotten rid of in the car engine room cleaning process, we brush it off and rinse with just the right amount of water pressure.
Next comes probably the most important part; degreasing. Our engine bay detailing team uses a green-friendly degreasing formula that is not harmful or abrasive on the engine body.
After a final scrub using a gentle brush, we rinse the engine thoroughly to get all the dirt and degreasing liquid off. Our engine bay cleaning team is careful enough not to let water linger for too long.
Last but not least; we dry the engine bay. We only use microfiber towels for the drying purpose.
For That Perfect Finish

Engine Dressing

A bit of perfectly done icing on the cake never hurts, does it? If you need a little bit of an extra glam, we spray a dash of aerosol engine dressing to get a glossy finish.

Most of our clients are super surprised at the dramatic change a simple spray of engine dressing can bring. Your engine bay will look as good as new when the aerosol dries down, believe me!

Just like that, the most valuable part of your vehicle is taken care of.

Give Us A Call

Interested in getting your engine bay cleaning done by the absolute best in the industry? Call us now to schedule an appointment, we offer you nothing but the best.

The aim of engine detailing is to ensure your car runs smoothly and efficiently for a longer period. Not only does it help improve your vehicle’s performance, but it also helps extend its life.

Whether you do it yourself or take your car to a detailing shop, engine detailing is an important part of proper vehicle maintenance. It helps keep your car running smoothly and ensures you get the best out of it for a long time. So don’t shy away from giving your car’s engine the care and attention it deserves!

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