What Happens When You Have Rainwater On Cars

Rainwater on Cars

How often have you postponed washing your car after speculating it will rain anyway? “Let the rain wash it away,” you may say. But people need to learn how wrong they are to consider rain as an efficient alternative for washing a car.

As unbelievable as it may sound, rainwater on cars is not a cleaning agent for automobiles. Why exactly does rain make cars look dirtier?

However, if you pay close attention to your vehicle, you might have noticed that the car looks dirtier after being exposed to rain. You might suddenly be urged to wash your car because it would get spots all over it after rain.

The Logic Behind Rainwater On Cars

Rainwater is wrongfully believed to be a transparent form of water, which is totally a myth. Scientifically speaking, rain travels a long way before hitting the ground. 

Along the way, a myriad of substances like dust, pollen, particles of smoke, and other pollutants are absorbed by the raindrops, making them less clean than you think. 

This process is called ‘acid rain.’ It is a common phenomenon in the world now, given that pollution is basically everywhere.

Each raindrop carries a saturated combination of chemicals, contaminants and dust during acid rain. When the rains wash your car, these pollutants will be deposited on its surface, creating dirty spots. 

Long-Term Effects Of Rainwater On Cars

Letting the rain wash your car might not seem like a big deal, but it definitely is. After the rain dries, the contaminants and dust will stay on the surface of your car, caked into it. 

Over time, this can cause the car paint to dull, and you will see the glossiness vanishing from the vehicle’s exterior. The same goes for snow, sleet and hail. Thus it is always safer to wash your car manually by hiring an exterior car detailing service.

Rainwater on Cars Effect

Facts You Should Know About Rainwater On Cars

For most car owners, the rain is just a natural way to clean their cars. It’s a convenient way to wash off dirt and dust without the hassle of going to a car wash. 

However, rainwater isn’t always the solution, and knowing the facts about rainwater on cars is essential. In this blog post, we’ve highlighted some significant points about the impact of rainwater on car’s exterior. So, please grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive right in!

Rain Doesn't Clean Your Car Thoroughly

Rainwater contains various types of particles and pollutants, which can harm your vehicle’s paint and finish. Even if it seems like the rain is cleaning your car, it doesn’t entirely clean your car’s surface. 

Most dirt, insects, or bird droppings can stick to the surface, making cleaning even more difficult without any specialized cleaning product. Therefore, washing your car regularly is a good idea to ensure it remains in good condition.

Acidic Rain Can Cause Serious Damage

Acidic rain is a type of rain with a high acidity level due to environmental pollutants. It can damage the clear coat and paint on your car’s surface, leaving spots and stains. Moreover, it can corrode metallic parts under the vehicle, causing premature rusting. If you live in an area with high acid rain levels, it’s essential to rinse off your car with water immediately after the rainfall.

Don't Let Water Dry On Your Car's Surface

Letting water droplets sit on your car for long periods can lead to water streaks, which can be challenging to remove. Moreover, if rainwater evaporates on your car, all the dirt and dust collected by the rain will leave behind watermarks and stains. Dry your car thoroughly with a microfiber towel after it rains to prevent any damage to the surface.

Be Wary Of Rainwater That Collects In Your Car's Crevices

Rainwater can wash off dirt and grime from your car’s surface but also collect debris in small crevices and corners. As a result, water stains and rust can be formed in those areas. It’s crucial to pay attention to the areas around the door handles, the fender, and the trunk area and dry them off completely after rain.

Wax Your Car To Add Protection

Adding a layer of wax to your car can help protect the paint’s finish and prevent damage from rainwater. Waxing can create a shield between your car’s surface and the pollutants that the rainwater carries. It also makes it easier to clean the vehicle and prevents water from sticking to the surface.

Rain on your car’s exterior is more than just cleaning your car’s surface. It’s essential to be aware of the facts to prevent significant harm to your car and keep it looking its best. 

Regular full car detailing, drying, and waxing can help protect your car’s paint and finish and keep it looking brand new. Following these car detailing tips ensures your car stays cleaner and more durable in the long run.

Acid rains can normally have very bad effects on your vehicle’s paint. It is never okay to intentionally wash your car with rainwater, which is basically unclean water.

Fun Fact: It is necessary to always use pure, clean water for car cleaning. As you may know, car cleaning services use pure, distilled water for car washing. This is their secret to spot-free cleaning and the glossy shine afterwards.

Wax Your Car to Protect From Rainwater on Cars

Now that you know rainwater is not a substitute for car washing, you might be wondering where to get a proper car wash done. Acid rain will only seem to be an issue once you notice the surface of your car starting to get dull in colour and grainy in texture. 


The one solution for rainwater damage is to get the car washed and polished by an expert. In addition, a mobile auto detailing professional will apply protective wax on the surface of your car so that it will not be susceptible to damage from rain, sun, snow and other harmful exposure as much. 


We have some good news if you live in and around Vancouver. Our professional car detailing Vancouver is one of the few companies here that will completely and thoroughly clean your car. 

Mobile car detailing involves a lot more than just scrubbing and washing. After a professional correctly detail your car, the glow-up will be unbelievably amazing.

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